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    Richard Powers

    Русский перевод здесь

    Maxixe (Mah-SHEESH) is Africanized polka, meaning it was an Afro-Brazilian styling of the polka brought to
    Brazil by European immigrants. The Maxixe as done in the U.S. was not the original Brazilian form since it was
    modified by Parisian dancers when it was first introduced there in 1906 (it didn't catch on) and was modified again
    when it was successfully re-introduced in Paris by Brazilian expatriate Monsieur Duque (1912).

    Richard has introduced two different Maxixe choreographies at Newport and elsewhere:
    1. Some dancers found them to be a little difficult, so this Maxixe combines the easier first half of Maxixe I with the easier second half of
    Maxixe 2. It fits within the floor pattern of other couples doing either of the originals.

    Intro: 4 bars of music.
    Turning Basic: 4 bars (measures) of swaying CW (clockwise) turning two-steps, traveling LOD. Hands begin low
    then rise to the top during the first measure. Lower on the next measure.
    Heel-and-toe figure: He crosses his L foot over toward the outside of the room, cutting in front of her and taking
    weight on his L heel, as she points her R toe to her forward-right diagonal, taking weight on her R toe. Rear feet
    close up to forward feet. She crosses her R foot over toward the center of the room, cutting in front of him and
    taking weight on her R heel, as he points his L toe to his forward-left diagonal, taking weight on his L toe. Rear feet
    close up to forward feet. After 6 counts of this heel-and-toe, taks a side step toward LOD (line of direction) on 7,
    raising leading arms into Scorpion Position. Hold on count 8, looking down at the rear foot and raising that toe.
    Turning Basic Back Home: Beginning with his R and her L foot, turn with 4 bars of swaying CW two-steps
    traveling AGAINST LOD. Hands begin high from Scorpion then lower during the first three counts.
    Chassé and Sunburst: Do a sliding chassé against LOD 4 bars. Then do the Sunburst hands on the next 3 bars
    of the chassé, stopping with feet apart on 7 and raising his L/her R toe toward LOD.


    Face-to-Face, Back-to-Back: Do a two-step toward LOD while facing partner on all 3 counts, taking rear hand
    only. Then swing held hands fwd toward LOD and two-step back-to-back. Repeat the first two-step facing. Then
    roll away from partner in a full turn of a two-step (not pivot steps) traveling LOD.
    Turning Basic: Smoothly connect with partners to do 4 bars of swaying CW turning two-step traveling LOD. The
    smooth connecting is her lowering her R arm in front of her when she rolls away, and he "bats" her R palm with the
    back of his L hand to raise those hands.
    Step-Kicks: Opening up to side-by-side position (still holding hands), step-kick fwd then two-step in place with her
    backing up more, to turn CW. Repeat 3 more times.
    If this is the finale, hold the 4th kick an extra count then drop forward kneeling.
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