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    Good Man of Cambridge

    © Folk Dance Federation of California, Inc. October 2005

    Dance Research Committee: Joyce Lissant Uggla

    Good Man of Cambridge


    The dance was devised by Gary Roodman and published in Additional Calculated Figures, 1992. Gary’s son

    was living and working in Cambridge, and this dance was named for him. The dance was presented by Marianne

    Taylor at the 2005 Stockton Folk Dance Camp.

    Music: Adapted from “Rondo alla Turca, Sonata in A Major, No. 11,” by W.A. Mozart.

    CD: Old Friends, Music for a Selection of Dances from Gary Roodman’s Calculated Figures,

    played by MGM and Reunion. 2/2 meter

    Formation: Longways, duple minor.

    Steps and Lead Up (or Down): Join inside hands and move up or down the set.

    Styling: Lines Lead Up (or Down) a Double and Fall Back: Move fwd 4 cts and back 4; ftwk is

    optional. Hands are joined at chest level.

     Gates: One cpl assists an advancing cpl around. Advancing dancers release hands with ptr and

    join inside hands with assisting dancers, hands at chest level, giving wt. Advancing dancer

    moves fwd as assisting dancer backs up.

     Hands on circles and turns are held at chest level, elbows down.



    Meas 2/2 meter Pattern


    chord INTRODUCTION. Acknowledge ptr.


    A1 1-4 First and second cpls circle L once around.

     5-8 First corners change places, passing R shldrs, then second corners do the same.

    A2 1-8 From these new places, repeat A1 to original places.

    B1 1-4 First cpl Lead Down through second cpl and turn immediately and Lead Up to place.

     5-8 Second cpl Lead Up through the first cpl and turn immediately and Lead Down to place.

     9-16 An interwoven Figure 8: Second cpl cast up to first place and dance a half figure 8 down

    around original places, while first cpl move down to second place and cast up to follow the

    second cpl into the figure 8. The figure ends with all in a line of four facing down the set:,

    hands joined at chest level (second cpl in the middle, M on the L of the line, W on the R).

    C1 1-4 Lines of four Lead Down a Double and Fall Back, with all turning twd neighbor at the last

    minute to face up.

     5-8 Lines Lead Up a Double and Fall Back; ends pull in at the last minute to face across the set.

    Good Man of Cambridge—page 2

    C2 1-4 First cpl cross over and go below, while second cpl turn with 2 hands half way and Lead Up

    twd new first cpl above (take your time).

     5-8 First cpl Gate the new second cpl up through the middle and around to second place (on own


     Repeat the dance with this new first cpl.


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